Plymouth State University Self Storage

After spending finals week cramming for exams and firing off essays all hours of the night, the last thing students are thinking about is a Plymouth State University self storage solution. All any student wants to do is relax and enjoy the start of summer vacation.

But, inevitably, there is the dorm room or the apartment to pack up, load, and haul home for the summer, at which point the futon, mini-fridge, and other home touches are just taking up space at home. Then, at the end of summer, the entire process reverses, as everything goes back to campus.

A MI-BOX Solves Your Summer Storage Needs

With MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire, Plymouth State University students can save themselves a lot of trouble with a self storage option. For a simple fee, students can order a MI-BOX storage container, which MI-BOX will deliver to the University, drop it off to be loaded up, then take it away again to their storage facility for the summer.

In the fall, when you are ready to move back into a new dorm or apartment, you simply schedule for MI-BOX to drop off your college belongings, and the pod will be there waiting for you when you move in. After the pod has been unloaded, MI-BOX takes it away again.

Many college students either don’t have their own car or have one so small that the mini-fridge and futon would never fit inside. This is the perfect arrangement for students who would otherwise have to rent a van or trailer, drive it themselves, and find a way of returning it once everything has been unpacked.

The MI-BOX advantage is a huge relief for parents too. It can be hard finding storage space at home for the furnishings of an entire room or apartment, especially if your home is already crowded with your own stuff. Instead of struggling to find space, or throwing out perfectly good furnishings and buying or finding new ones in the fall, you can have the comfort of knowing it is stored safely away and will be ready when you need it again.

Easy and Secure Storage

Plymouth State University self storage options with MI-BOX are easy, safe, and secure. The storage facility has video surveillance and staff to keep the storage units safe but customers will have access to their container in case they need anything out of it during the summer.

The boxes come in three sizes, depending on your needs. The most common for college students is the 8×8 pod, which can easily fit the entire contents of a dorm room or bedroom for the summer.

Students and parents alike love the convenience and ease of storing their belongings with MI-BOX for the summer months. To learn more, you can fill in our online request form or call for more information.

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