Keene State College Self Storage

College students may face times during their college years when extra storage space becomes a necessity and helps to improve quality of life. Dorms and even off-campus living situations are often crowded and don’t feature a lot of space for extra items. These are the times when a Keene State College self storage solution like a MI-BOX storage container delivered directly to your dorm or housing area would be a welcomed relief.

When you can take your time packing and loading items and store them in a safe storage unit for future use, this helps eliminate the anxiety that naturally come with too much stuff at the end of the school term. This convenient option lets you skip renting a moving truck and the time constraints and inconvenience that come with that option. Your container from MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire is delivered right to you. You take the time you need to load it the way you want to. Once your container is loaded, a quick phone call brings us out to pick-up, then deliver the unit to your chosen self storage option.

When College Students Need Extra Storage Space

Whether you’re an incoming Freshman or have been in college for a few years, a place to store your belongings between terms gives you welcome relief. Sharing storage spaces with roommates complicates things when everyone has extra items they want to keep but don’t need right away. The best reasons for extra storage space include:

  • Summer Storage – Whether you need storage for the summer months for clothing, furniture or your bike you use to get around campus.
  • New Housing – Maybe you’ve moved out of an apartment and into a new one with new roommates, only to see that you have too much stuff for the new place. Things you want to keep.
  • Extra Accumulation – You may have received welcome items in care packages from home, gifts, and other items that you definitely want to keep but don’t use every day. Plus, those college textbooks and previously written papers can add up over the years.

Keene State College students looking for self storage options have the perfect answer for the things you love having but simply have run out of room for. A parents’ basement is not always the answer for many college students, so having reliable, secure MI-BOX storage options give New Hampshire students a dependable, secure place to keep extra things.

Don’t let the need to move your belongings get you uptight. MI-BOX self storage boxes are the easy way to go and eliminate the hassle of trying to figure out how you are going to get your stuff moved at the end of the Spring term. Let us move your items, watch them for you, and deliver them back to campus when you need them. It’s that simple, so call us for a quote today.  

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