Moultonborough, NH Storage & Moving

Everyone needs some extra space from time to time, whether it’s in your home or business. Before you can make it happen, you may have to move some treasured possessions to free up that extra space. But knowing that you might need them again in the future makes this a difficult decision. That’s why finding the right Moultonborough storage solution can make it easier, and MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire can help.

Weatherproof Boxes for Home or Business

MI-BOX provides timely, organized, and secured weatherproof self storage boxes right to your Moultonborough location. You can store your belongings onsite in any driveway, parking lot, or at our storage facility where you can still access your items. MI-BOX can also provide commercial storage options for businesses needing to store extra inventory and supplies on a temporary or long-term basis.

If you are planning on moving to a new home or office setting, then MI-BOX’s Moultonborough moving services will pick up your box at your current location and bring it to the new location at your convenience. These pods are also a great option if you are renovating or remodeling your home by keeping furniture and other household items out of the construction zone and keeping them safe until you are finished.

All of our Moultonborough pods are transferred from our specially designed trucks, where our patented LeveLift System can safely take the pod on and off the ground without damaging the pavement beneath it. It also keeps the pods level and safely secured during transit to the new location. Our MI-BOX trucks will also save you the worry of renting a large truck and navigating through traffic, while under the deadline pressure of getting the rental truck back on time.

A Convenient and Secure Storage Option

The MI-BOX self-storage pods range in size from 8-20 feet long. MI-BOX can help you choose the right size for your needs, including seasonal storage, multi-room storage, and business storage.

MI-BOX also understands how important the items kept in your Moultonborough self storage unit are to you. Each pod is weatherproofed against the worst of the New Hampshire climate changes, so you can store it on your property outdoors and feel confident that the items inside will stay safe. Also, you can store your belongings at our MI-BOX facility, which is protected by security cameras and staffed with MI-BOX employees.

Getting started with MI-BOX is easy. You will not need to go through a complicated, out of state call center to receive a quote. Just go online or call and speak with a local representative who can help you organize your pick-up and delivery schedule. You will remain in charge of how quickly the move takes place, and can soon discover how much easier it is with help from MI-BOX.

Let Us Earn Your Business

  • Convenient Portable Storage
  • Weatherproof Containers
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Boxes from 8' to 20' long
  • Great Option for Moving
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