Dartmouth College Self Storage

The end of the school year, summer move-out of the dorm or apartment for college students is a major hassle for parents and students alike. Dartmouth College self storage units solve the problem in the most convenient way. Just call MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire and a storage container will be delivered to your residence, where you can load it with all your stuff. The container may be an eight, 16 or 20-foot box according to what you have to move and when it is ready, call MI-BOX to pick it up and take it wherever you want. Each pod will fit in a standard parking space. This could be your parent’s house or the secure MI-BOX storage area.

A Simple Storage Solution

For Dartmouth College students self storage allows you to keep all the things you need for your next term in one place. In the past, you may have put your furniture in one place, your books in another and your clothes in a different place. You won’t need your winter clothes until college starts again in the fall, so you can keep them stored with all the rest of the things you will need until you go back. You only rent the size of pod you need on a monthly basis, so just use it over the summer.

MI-BOX provides mobile storage units that are weatherproof and do not rust. If you want to keep your pod on your parent’s driveway for the summer, it will not leave a stain. Your belonging will stay safe and dry. The frames are hot-dipped in galvanized steel and the secure roof is form-fitted. The pod is locked and only you have the key.

Local and Guaranteed

MI-BOX is locally owned and provides excellent customer service. It is a great option for students, especially if you are transferring to a different school like Dartmouth College. We will deliver all of your belongings to the destination of your choice. The cost for you is guaranteed since we do the driving, so you don’t have to rent a truck and worry about mileage charges to take your belongings to a different area.

You can rest assured that your electronic items are safe in a MI-BOX pod. The patented LeveLift System ensures that the mobile storage container is never tilted when it is moved, preventing your belongings from shifting around. All the items inside remain as you loaded them.

It is easy to work with our friendly, local professionals at MI-BOX. They provide high-quality service that far exceeds the competition and make sure the job is done according to your specifications the first time. You can contact MI-BOX at and find out how you can take advantage of our mobile storage pods to ease the hassle of moving out of your college residence.

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  • Convenient Portable Storage
  • Weatherproof Containers
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Boxes from 8' to 20' long
  • Great Option for Moving
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