Onsite Storage Containers

With MI-BOX onsite storage containers, you will be able to store all those extra items you have around your home or business that never seem to have a place in your regular space. Self storage at your location is the best solution, because an external storage site is not always a good idea. Whether it’s because the items only need to be put aside for a temporary basis, or because you want quick access whenever you need them again without the added trip to a storage facility, onsite storage at your home or business gives you the convenience you need.

Multiple Size Containers for Multiple Needs

The MI-BOX storage containers can be set up outside of your home or business so you have ready access to the contents whenever you need it. They come in three sizes ranging from 8, 16, or 20 feet long, with durable steel construction that can hold up against any weather conditions. Regardless of length, all of the MI-BOX storage units are over 7 ft. wide and over 8 ft. high.

The 8 ft. units are perfect for single room remodeling projects, a college student’s dorm furnishings, or for storing items seasonally. A 16-foot MI-BOX storage container is suitable for multiple rooms of small to medium-sized personal belongings, and the largest containers, 20-feet long, can also hold a few rooms worth of larger furnishings and belongings.

Our Containers Fit Just About Anywhere

The units will fit into standard-sized parking spaces, yards, driveways, and can be used anywhere from a home during a remodeling project to an office or a construction job site. Each unit is secure, sturdy, and waterproof so you will not need to worry about your belongings during inclement weather.

You can always call and talk to a local MI-BOX dealer if you have further questions, and unlike some storage companies you will not be put through to a busy call center if you want more information about our onsite storage containers. You can also combine units and sizes until you have just the right amount of space you need.

Protecting Your Belongings

Whatever your storage needs, MI-BOX will bring our container directly to you. Our high-tech Levelift delivery system can safely raise and lower our containers to your location, which keeps everything level and steady while it transit. They are also designed to not cause any damage to your driveway or the asphalt of a parking lot.

If for any reason you decide to have a MI-BOX container stored at our New Hampshire storage facility, our team can pick it up and bring it there, and you will have access to your goods at any time during business hours.

You can get started with a free estimate and the MI-BOX team will help you plan out your entire moving and storage experience.

Let Us Earn Your Business

  • Convenient Portable Storage
  • Weatherproof Containers
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  • Boxes from 8' to 20' long
  • Great Option for Moving
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