Berlin, NH Storage & Moving

When you face a challenging time in life like moving or planning a home renovation project, it’s nice to know you can depend on our Berlin storage containers to use for storing your furnishings and personal belongings. By simply calling for home or business delivery of a MI-BOX storage unit, your Berlin moving plans become a simpler and more convenient proposition.

Benefits of Using Portable Containers as an Effective Storage Solution

It’s simple to schedule a drop off of a container for storage use, and it’s just as easy to schedule a pick up to deliver it to your Berlin self storage location, if that’s what you’ve decided to do with your personal items while you’re in transition. During these times, it’s good to know you have an ally to help keep your belongings clean and safe. Some of the best benefits of our Berlin pods include:

1) Containers are Weatherproof – No matter what the weather brings your way, you’ll have confidence through knowing that your belongings are dry, safely packed away and stored until it’s time to unpack them and put them into their place..

2) Units Come in Several Sizes – For convenience, your unit come in sizes ranging from a compact eight x eight feet to 20 x eight feet in length to ensure plenty of storage space.

3) Your Property Stays Damage Free – Containers are specially designed not to damage your driveway or any area of your property.

4) Truly Portable Storage Solutions – Once our Berlin self storage containers are packed, they can be taken to our storage area or you can choose to have them delivered to your new address if you’re moving.

 5) Timely Pick-Ups and Drop Offs – Your scheduled pick-ups and drop offs of your Berlin storage unit are done in a timely way to ensure a smoother, more pleasant moving or storage experience.

Our storage containers help ensure that your entire Berlin moving experience goes flawlessly while taking especially good care of your valuable belongings. It’s mostly self-directed so you have the maximum control over your experience.

Other Exceptional Benefits

The beauty of this method of moving and storage is that you can take your time packing and not have the worry of needing to return a moving truck at a specific time. You pack at your leisure, leave your personal items in your MI-BOX unit for as long as you need to, and unpack everything when you are ready. You even have the convenience of using our New Hampshire storage location so your items are well taken care of during the entire moving or remodeling process. Once you’ve had experience with MI-BOX, you won’t want to go back to traditional methods of moving and storage.

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  • Convenient Portable Storage
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  • Boxes from 8' to 20' long
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