Franklin, NH Storage & Moving

It’s good to know that you have a premiere storage solution when you’re undertaking a move, a remodeling job, or for any other time when you need to safely store furnishings and belongings temporarily. MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire is the Franklin storage solution trusted to keep belongings safe, dry in any weather, and secure. Simply make a phone call and you’ll have a storage container delivered right to your home or business. Load it up at your leisure, and when you’re ready to have your things moved, just let us know and we’ll pick the container up and move it for you.

Flexibility is a Terrific Benefit

Your Franklin pods style storage container is delivered using our LeveLift system that has been patented, which is an exclusive benefit of MI-BOX. This ensures that there’s no shifting of your furnishings or damage to your belongings during your Franklin moving process. You’ll have flexibility in the choices of container sizes. Available sizes include:

  • An 8 Foot Container – For smaller storage needs
  • A 16 Foot Container – The most popular size which can hold contents from three to four rooms
  • The 20 Foot Container – When more storage is needed for larger moving or renovation projects

Flexibility in choices begins with storage size. It also includes letting you take your time loading everything up into your container. There’s no rush to get everything loaded. The container will sit at ground level at your home or your place of business until you’re ready to have it moved. Let us know when to deliver your Franklin self storage container and when to pick it up so we can then take it to your new location or our New Hampshire storage location.

Your Container Arrives Ready for the Elements

When your Franklin storage container arrives at your home or business, you can rest assured that it is ready for any kind of weather. Fully weather resistant, our containers are built using steel framing that is hot dipped galvanized to protect against the elements. One piece roofing adds to the security and stability of the container, and each container has a full-size lockable door that only you will have a key to access.

MI-BOX storage containers are the New Hampshire moving and storage solution you need for total success in your move, renovation, or for a temporary storage solution while you’re staging and showing a home for sale. You’ll be able to focus on renovating and painting rooms while your valuable items are kept safe and out of the way. Your home will look much more appealing for a more successful showing and a great first impression. MI-BOX is the smart Franklin moving solution.

Let Us Earn Your Business

  • Convenient Portable Storage
  • Weatherproof Containers
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Boxes from 8' to 20' long
  • Great Option for Moving
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