Commercial Storage

Business owners across New Hampshire are aware of how expensive it can be to rent office and retail space. Many of these entrepreneurs feel that they are forced to rent additional square footage just to have commercial store space for items like documents, promotional items, excess office supplies, extra inventory and a wealth of other miscellaneous items.

The cost to rent extra office space just for storage is prohibitive. Fortunately, there’s a sensible and affordable solution with commercial storage options provided by MI-BOX of Central and Western New Hampshire.

Protecting Your Business Items

Occasionally, a business owner will consider storing all of those extra items in the garage or basement of their home. For security and insurance reasons, this is rarely a good idea. Many of the storage spaces that are available in residential properties simply can’t provide the protection and security that is readily available with MI-BOX. With the potential for floods, fires, pests, and other hazards to threaten the items in the residential garage or basement, it quickly becomes clear that a safer alternative is necessary.

MI-BOX storage containers are the affordable and convenient alternative that also provide the best in security and control for even your most delicate items. Our commercial storage services include several options.

Several Sizes to Choose

Let us deliver a convenient storage container right to your business location whenever it is most convenient for you. The containers come in three sizes that include eight feet in length, 16 feet and 20 feet. You decide which size is right for you. Do you need more than one container? We can easily accommodate you.

Pack your MI-BOX container however you like and at your own speed. We never put a timetable on your usage of the container so the details are entirely up to you. Once you’ve filled your container, you also get to decide where to keep it. Storing it at your site may be a reasonable option that provides you with immediate access to the contents whenever you wish.  

As an alternative, consider having us pick up your full container to keep it at our storage facility. Our patented LeveLift technology ensures your items stay level and safe during transport. Your container is fastened with your lock so you’ll always know that the contents are secure. Each weather-tight container keeps out the elements, and you can access your container at our facility.

Is your business relocating? If so, then MI-BOX can help. For all of your commercial moving and storage needs, you only have to call us. We guarantee that whatever you pack in your container will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

For the ultimate in versatility and convenience for your business storage needs, you can’t go wrong with MI-BOX. Click or call to learn more about our secure storage solutions.

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