Residential Storage

Finding a place to store your belongings when remodeling, moving, downsizing, or planning a yard or estate sale is simple with the MI-BOX residential storage units! Whether you have a lot of items or just a few important pieces of furniture, you can find a box to fit your needs. A container can be found in 8, 16, or 20-foot sizes and will be dropped off at your location using our state of the art Levelift technology. When you’re ready to move your items to a new location, or you no longer need the additional storage, we will pick up the container at your convenience.

Home Remodeling

Whether you just bought a fixer-upper or you are planning a major remodel of your current home, removing your household goods and storing them in a container is an excellent decision. While the contractors are taking down walls and sanding drywall, you will know your precious possessions are safe in the weatherproof residential storage container at your home. If your child discovers their favorite stuffed animal was packed with the rest of the toys, you can easily access your box and save the day.

Storage For Your Student

It may seem like just yesterday that you were moving your son or daughter into their new dorm room. Reality hits when the end of the semester is near, and you need to figure out what to do with all the stuff until the next term. Renting a mobile storage unit is the perfect answer to keep items safe and tucked away until school starts again. Instead of hauling everything back and forth from home to college – just store your container at our facility. You will still have access to the items if you need it.

Downsizing and Estate Sale Organization

Over the years you have probably collected various pieces of furniture and unique items to furnish your home. As the kids begin leaving the house and begin their own lives, you might realize downsizing to a smaller home will give you more time and energy for traveling and having fun. As you begin to organize the items you no longer need, schedule a MI-BOX to be dropped off in your driveway or yard. You can take your time, filter through your possessions and prepare them for sale or decide if you will keep special items. Knowing all of your belongings are nearby in a waterproof and locked container will give you peace of mind as you transition into a less cluttered lifestyle.

MI-BOX is locally owned and operated. Call today for all of your mobile and residential storage needs.

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